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Texas Wedding in August

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

This wedding was HOT and not because it was 110 degrees outside. Sophie and Yoshi brought the fun and HEAT for their August wedding under the Texas sun! These sweet friends flew me out to not only photograph their day, but share in one of the biggest celebrations of life: marriage!

I remember when Sophie was praying for her husband and we both were surrendering that to the Lord. Now I am married, and she has found her man! BONUS because he is Mexican and speaks Spanish (which is perfect for Sophies amazing Spanish skills). This day was MAGIC. From the rehearsal dinner the night before, until the send-off! Did I mention that I helped interpret from Spanish to English during the speeches, and I caught a flight 4 hours after their send-off the next morning (4 am to be exact with 1 hour of sleep)?! It was so fun to serve these two on their big day in any way I could.

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