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My top 10 photos from 2021!

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

2021 brought me so many amazing clients and experiences, I thought I would compile a list of some of my favorite photos taken this past year.

#10 Love with a View

My sweet brother-in-law and his wife hopped in the car to make some magic on this overlook of my husbands home town in Brazil. Being able to guide them and observe them interact with each-other was so special in their season of marriage.

#9 Rainbow Baby

A beautiful rainbow baby session in a desert-like location in none of than North Carolina! I love finding an unexpected place to create another world for my couples.

#8 Black & White Moment

Color is illuminating, but black-and-white is revealing. I not-so-secretly LOVE black-and white-photographs, and this senior session gave me so much inspiration when it came to observing my subject, and capturing the in-between moments.

#7 Under the Veil

There is nothing like a classic, under the veil shot! Another in-between moment, right before a kiss where you forget the photographer is even there!

#6 Better Together

This photo wasn't taken in 2021, but I had to include it! There is nothing like getting together with your loved ones to celebrate a new season of marriage. These are the memories you will want to look back on for years to come.

#5 Backyard Glow

This backyard session did NOT disappoint, and yes you heard that right! Your backyard could be an oasis waiting to be explored! A glowing sunset with dreamy landscape- you can never go wrong.

#4 Yoga Branding Session

This was my first yoga branding session, and it did not disappoint. I love challenging myself with a clients idea, and making magic together! Collaboration is key to serving my clients best.

#3 Artistic Shots

There is a huge blurry photo trend going on right now, is it really that great?? Well, I absolutely love this shot for what it is. Along with the crisp, clear photos, you may get some photos like this one that make the cut that give some room for creativity.

#2 Mommy and Me

Mia turns 2! This shot encompasses the sweetness of childhood exploration + curiosity, and a mothers guidance. I think the photo speaks for itself!

#1 Sunset Maternity

Lighting has a lot to setting the mood of what you are wanting to communicate. This couple is so photogenic, but their chemistry is what really sets them apart from others! I wanted to capture the intimacy of having their first child, and the beautiful journey that pregnancy is for both partners.

I wanted to make a quick note- if any of these photos speak to you, lets work together! I want to serve you in any way possible with your vision, and ultimately by just getting to know who you are so your photographs display that. Email me at

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